Esterbrook Blueberry picked from the shelves!


The Blueberry Estie arrived!

Are you aware that its Blueberry season? That’s right! The Blueberry Estie arrived this week and they were quickly plucked from the shelves. The unique blue and white blended fountain pens are limited to a total of 600 pieces and are now sold out.

What was an initial concern for Esterbrook is now a great success. If you’re not aware, the Blueberries were supposed to be Lilacs, but when the acrylic supplier delivered the swatches the color was not correct. The material was blue, a beautiful blue, but clearly not purple lilac.

In this case, Esterbrook turned lemons to lemonade and made some very happy fountain pen enthusiasts. Also noteworthy is that the many Blueberries were shipped with 1.1 Stub nibs.

As mentioned, Esterbrook is sold out, but limited stock is available at your authorized Esterbrook retailer.


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Gentleman Stationer reviews the 2019 BWI Pen Show

The Baltimore/Washington International Pen Show 2019

You often hear people saying: “It was good, but it could have been great” when discussing a recent pen show (or any other large public event, for that matter). What’s less common is attending a pen show that should have been “good,” or maybe even “meh,” but turned out to be fabulous. This year’s Baltimore Pen Show was one such event.

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automatic mechanical, personalized to U-BOAT specifications for stem to be positioned at 9 o’clock.
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz. Power reserve: 38 hours. 25 jewels.
date, hours, minutes, seconds, 24h indicator, graduated unidirectional bezel, screw down crown.
stainless steel AISI 316L, with subsequent treatment DLC black, distinguishing crown on left side, with a patented protective device.
Serial number engraved on a small plate fixed on the side of the case. Bezel lockable with a lever on the right side of the case.
Diameter 46 mm.
sealed with 7 external screws.
three superimposed dials, the upper one in black with luminous beige hands and markers, steel frames around the numbers.
sapphire crystal, anti reflective coating, lent on the date window.
300 mt, 30 ATM.
Stainless steel tongue buckle. Width : 22/22 mm.
9015 – Retail $2700

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Winter is Coming LE

The Northern Hemisphere winter is ending, but for millions of fans eagerly awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones (screening on HBO from 14 April), you now have a product certain to knock them cold.

Winter is Here is a new, Cult Series limited-edition FP/RB made under license to HBO, available to ship from April 2019. As well as being our latest design under the Game of Thrones imprint, it is unquestionably the most spectacular. And the most timely.

The HBO series and George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series represent the pinnacle of current pop culture. The anticipation and secrecy around the final series make it one of the most feverishly anticipated releases of the century. Compared to many other cult shows, a very high representation of mature, affluent consumers make up its most avid aficionados.

Winter is Here is available as piston-fill FP and RB in sterling silver (300 pieces each) and 18k gold (7 pieces each). All variants use a precious metal superstructure to clad a body of shiny lines celluloid. Highlight materials include ice-blue Apatite gems and 3D handcrafted enamel. The FP variant uses an 18k gold nib engraved with the sigil (emblem) of the Night King. All variants are delivered in a deluxe, black-lacquer wooden case with custom booklet.

The Night King, White Walker and ice-breathing dragon Viserion lead a mysterious, banished army understood to be the greatest threat to life – and climate – in the kingdoms of Westeros. They are widely expected to play a pivotal role in the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones.

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Fountain Pen

Winter is Here Fountain Pen – Model: ISGOT_SW – $5,500
Limited to 300 pieces


Winter is Coming Rollerball Pen – ISGOTRSW – $4,995
Limited to 300 pieces

Gold Edition


Winter is Coming Gold Fountain Pen – ISGOT_GW – $

Limited to 7 pieces

Winter is Coming Gold Rollerball Pen – ISGOTRGW – $

Limited to 7 pieces



For its 100-years Anniversary Aurora Pens launches  “Cento Italia”

Aurora introduces the line “Cento Italia”: 10 “Iconic pens” from the history of Aurora, symbolizing the 10 decades, every one revised and realized in 100 numbered pieces only for the whole world (100 for Italy and 100 for the foreign countries).

Aurora will launch monthly the pens of the line “Cento Italia”, beginning from February, every 19th of the month, to recall the foundation year of the Manufacture in the 1919.

Every pen will be packed in an elegant box in black leatherette with black interior dressed by a special commemorative red sleeve with the new logo Aurora Cento!realized in cooperation with Italdesign – Giugiaro.

All the pens will be FOUNTAIN Pens.

The first pen introduced will be Aurora Edo in black resin, chrome plated trims and 14 kt solid gold nib, rhodium-treated, embellished by an exclusive shiny red bottom.

Available in EF, F, M, B or Italic 14k nib. This pen is cartridge or converter fill.

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EDO Cento Fountain Pen – Model: 011-10OE – $495

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A Well-Appointed Phaeton Review

A Well-Appointed Review of the Phaeton

In writing, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the Phaeton because I don’t usually write with medium nib pens but the Phaeton has a crisp, almost italic-like grind on the nib making it a pleasant writing experience. I find most medium nib pens to be rather flat and round creating a rather uninspired writing experience — like writing with a ballpoint pen. So, the more crisp, flat medium angle on this nib (and it could just be the nib I received) is a pleasant surprise.

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Atlanta Pen Show March 2019


The Atlanta Pen Show 2019 is happening on April 5th – 7th at the Wyndham Atlanta Galleria. Join us to see the full line up of Montegrappa, Aurora & Esterbrook. This will be a great show for hunting down those vintage Esterbrook nibs!

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Esterbrook and the Civil Rights Act

Esterbrook – The Civil Rights Act

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” – Martin Luther

A pen, a simple pen, can be the most powerful tool known to humanity. A pen can be used to decide the fate of many. It can influence the history of entire nations. It is a device that can be used to enslave and destroy. Most importantly, it can also be used to set people free and to create wonderful works. This is the story of when a pen was used for freedom; a pen used to change the world. All that was required to change the course of history for the betterment of all men was for one man to pick up an Esterbrook pen…

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Brett Harmon Reacquainted with Uboat

An in depth look at the new Uboat Capsoil

Having owned a U-Boat piece, it was nice to have the opportunity to go hands-on with one of their newest designs, the U-Boat Capsoil SS.

First off, lets get a little background on the brand. When I first came across U-Boat, it was on Instagram roughly ~5 years ago. Having a deep love for the sea (pun intended), and being around the ocean my entire life, it was neat to see something that took inspiration from the lines and aesthetics of a submarine. I was immediately drawn to the bulkiness/ruggedness industrial design of the U-Boat. The brand itself has less than 20 years of business under their belt; the brand was founded and created when Ilvo Fontana joined the tender to produce precision time instruments for the Italian Navy in 1942. Although Ilvo Fontana didn’t end up creating any pieces for the Italian Navy, the designs were never destroyed, just merely filed away. In the year 2000, Ilvo Fontana’s grandson, Italo Fontana found the designs and decided it would be great to finish what his grandfather once started.

Now that we have some background, lets get down to the fun part, the details. The case is machined out of stainless steel, housing a new electromechanical movement, which is completely submerged in oil. Yes, you heard that right, it wasn’t a typo, the entire dial and movement is submerged in an oil bath. The case measures 45mm and has a beautiful, almost matte-like sheen to the finish. Speaking of finishing, this case is “rounded”, every angle you look at it. There are minimal sharp edges with tapered lugs, which make the watch appear a little smaller than the normal U-Boat size watches. I typically prefer watches in the 40-44 mm range; this watch wears extremely nice for its size. Since we are on the topic of the case, lets not forget the crown. Yes, the watch is a destro, but with the proper tools, you can swap it to the other side of the case. Whether you wear the watch on your left hand or right, you are thought of in this design.

After strapping the watch on my wrist I was immediately mesmerized by the color of the dial. I have never seen such a “pure” black dial as this; the oil makes it seem three-dimensional. It’s quite hard to take your eyes off of it. Once you are able to peel your eyes away from the three-dimensional dial, you start noticing other qualities close by. The dial has a patina –like color on the numerals and minute markers. There is a vibrant and striking contrast between the dark black dial and the patina numerals. Dive watches have always been know for their legibility, lets just put it this way, whether you are scuba diving in a deep cave or looking for the time in a dark room in your home, legibility will never be an issue.

After having the privilege of wearing the watch for a week or two, it’s easy to come to terms with the fact that I genuinely like this piece. I am still in awe of how well the dial pops in the submerged oil bath. All in all, this piece checks the boxes for someone who is looking for a larger, industrial designed watch. Purely, the history makes owning a U-Boat much cooler knowing that a lot of these designs were thought of ~70 years ago. This piece falls in the sub $2,000.00 price point which makes the purchasing urge much greater due the quality of components you get for the price. Whether you are an existing owner of a U-Boat watch, or have never owned one of their pieces, I highly encourage you to give this piece a try. 

Written by Brett Harmon follow him on Instagram


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