Add Some Color To Your Life With Montegrappa’s New Ink Line

The name Montegrappa is synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury. Kings, queens, and popes are counted among those who use Montegrappa writing instruments. With over a century of experience creating leather goods, timepieces, and of course fountain pens, it is a name one can trust not to disappoint. Their collection of inks is no exception. The newest collection features the colors:

Coffee Brown
Dark Blue

These inks come in a 50ML octagonal glass bottle, packaged with care in classic Montegrappa blue.

Specifics about inks:

Montegrappa’s new take on Black ink has a wonderful range of color, spanning from hints of grey to deep black. The ink has an excellent flow, yet is not overly wet, and dries to reveal lovely shading. Despite this, it is heavily saturated, making it perfect for personal or professional writing.

Montegrappa Coffee Brown is a deep brown with hues ranging from a milky chocolate to the tone one would find in black coffee. The flow is wet and dries to a subtle shading. It is a heavily saturated ink that is suitable for many occasions.

Montegrappa Dark Blue is reminiscent of the night sky, with tones of navy that range to a near black. This ink has a lovely consistent shading and even flow. The saturation makes it suitable for personal or professional writing.

Montegrappa Fuchsia is a playful mix of pink and purple tones. It is has a high flow and robust color that does not allow for much shading. However, this leaves the writer free to enjoy the bright, festive color of the ink. It would be a delight for correspondence writing.

Montegrappa Green is a peppermint green that has a fresh, crisp shading from dark to light. This ink has the added bonus of sheen which adds a deep red shimmer where the ink is most saturated, giving the color added dimension.

Montegrappa Red is a bright crimson that ranges from deep to light tones. This ink has a moderate flow, with sporadic shading. This color can add drama to any paper it is applied to.

Montegrappa Turquoise is a vivid ink that has the tones of the Aegean Sea. From tranquil waters to a vast ocean blue, this ink flows nicely and has a delightfully wet flow. This is a saturated ink that is both a pleasure to write with and read.

Montegrappa Violet is a bright purple that shades from hyacinth to an almost eggplant purple. This ink has radiant highlights and an average flow. These attributes make it perfectly suited to correspondence writing and art.

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Going Back in Time With Speedometer Official’s Vintage Matt

A new vision

An open mind towards the future and freedom in creation have always been cornerstones of Marco Gatti’s creativity. Whether it is introducing new ideas, devices, methods, or translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, Marco Gatti is consistently creating value for his followers.

Broaden your horizons

We’re proud to officially unveil Speedometer’s Vintage Matt line! Check out the 7 new matte colors in steel or DLC.

Everyday style

With summer right around the corner, update your style with an old-school vintage look. This new line was designed with an urban feel in mind. The technicians at Speedometer went all out by upgrading the metal to withstand anything life throws at it.

Accept no imitations!

Make sure your bangle comes with the Speedometer certificate of authenticity.

The process

Treated with a solubilization process, to soften the steel, the new bracelets feature numerals and indexes in relief in both the versions stainless steel and diamond-like carbon (DLC). Boasting a vintage look effect, the bangles are available in intriguing matte colors. The high quality marine steel and patented creation process makes the Speedometer Official 2.0 bangles as unique as they are rare. Others have tried to mimic the brand, but they always fall short of Speedometers’s high standards. Being hypoallergenic and immune to temperature, scratches, rust, and most everyday chemicals makes the Speedometer bangle the perfect accessory.

Montegrappa Mysticum introduces Count Cagliostro!

Count Cagliostro

Inaugurating Montegrappa’s new series, Mysticum, is a personality who embodies all that the worlds of the metaphysical and the mysterious encompasses. Mysticum celebrates what occupies the spaces between the known and the unknown. Appropriately, to initiate its catalogue of notables, the first is a controversial figure encapsulating a mixture of notions from Hermetism, Alchemy, Kabbalah and Freemasonry.

He is the legendary Count Cagliostro.

Count Alessandro di Cagliostro (1743–1795) was the alias of the occultist Giuseppe Balsamo. An Italian adventurer and magician, he became a glamorous figure associated with the royal courts of Europe, practising for them various occult arts, including psychic healing and alchemy. His origins are shrouded in mystery.

The Cagliostro Pen

Montegrappa acknowledges the importance of Cagliostro in the history of the occult with the Count Cagliostro Limited Edition, available as fountain pen and a rollerball pen, in both black resin and sterling silver or with solid 18k gold trim. The fountain pen is piston-fed, with 18k gold nib decorated with the Cagliostro personal sigil.

Cleaning and Flushing Your Fountain Pen

Cleaning your pen? Do you need to? What happens if you don’t?

Many of us simply put more ink into our pens when we run out, but that’s bad practice and you know it! First, not all inks are created equal and there can be a reaction when you mix two seemingly innocent types. Second, the ink that dries on your nib, your ink reservoir, and in all the pieces between can create microscopic layers that grow like the paint on your walls until there’s no room for fresh ink to run! Third, if you love your pen, you should maintain it and flushing it out is like an “oil change” that keeps it in top condition for a log time.

For today’s Newsletter, we are featuring the Aurora 88 Black Satin & Limited Edition Sole

Flushing Your Fountain Pen: What You Need

with the Aurora 88 Black Satin & Ltd. Sole

Why did we choose the 88 and Sole? They both have an amazing feature that allows for the nib to unscrew from the body! This means you can visually inspect all of the pieces during your cleaning process. While the J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush works just as well with all pens, visual inspection will give you a better idea of how much to use when cleaning all your pens. And here’s everything you see in the photos:

Ok, here we go!

Step 1. Unscrew Your Nib and Empty Your Ink

Twist in a counter-clockwise direction to remove the nib. Be careful and hold the pen upright so that the ink in the chamber doesn’t drip out like it did on my new pants. Now you can empty the ink into the sink, or if you’d like to conserve the ink, you can use a syringe to transfer anything that’s left into a backup jar. Please note that it is not recommended to put old ink into a new ink jar as it can be contaminated by dirt, cause a bad chemical reaction, and in very rare cases even result in mold.


Here’s the magic; J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush is best used with troublesome grime when the writer has not been diligent with their regular cleanings. We included the instructions from the back of P.B.’s in the image, however, we recommend being extra diligent and doing the following. For best results, flush your pen with WATER a few times before using J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush. Leave the Flush in the pen after the first fill for a few hours or even overnight, depending on the level of the ink residue inside. After this, use water in the pen again and carefully inspect the color to determine if more Flush is needed.

Step 3. Polish Your Pen!

Now, take a close look at all the metal parts of your pen and get your polishing cloth out. Using a medium amount of pressure, rub the metal parts with the cloth to get rid of any oxidization or dirt. It may even be possible to buff out any very light scratches, but be warned that it may take a while. If you want to do this, we recommend putting on a good movie and taking your time. Your pen will look good as new in no time!

Step 4: Add Your New Ink!

Whether you do it by syringe, piston converter, ink sac pump, or have your own creative new technique, your pen is as good as new!

Why is J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush Cleaning Solution important?

This magic liquid dissolves any residue on the inside of your pen. Many inks aren’t just mixes of colored liquid, but actually a fine dust sized material that is suspended in liquid. When you write, the liquid is absorbed into the paper and eventually evaporates, leaving the beautiful colored lines that stay where you draw them. However, this can happen to your pen as the ink dries and layer upon layer of ink precipitate builds up.

After 60 Years, the Retro Duo Cart Returns!

After 60 years, the stylish retro Duo Cart is being brought back by Aurora. These elegant pens raised several generations and remain one of the recognizable designs of an era. The beautiful duo is reminiscent of the distilled Italian high fashion that dominated the world in the 1960s.

The name Duo Cart means “It’s a Match!

These pens are designed to compliment each other and compose one complete piece of memorabilia. The two represent the most popular color schemes of the era; a warm wooden brown reminiscent of fine leather and aged liquor, and a professional silver and black that means business.

Each pen comes in a beautifully ornate satin lined case made to accompany the pens on your desk or on your cabinet. These cases are produced with sharp lines reminiscent of the beautiful automobiles that drove the wide streets, laid after decades of reconstruction from the turmoil of the early century. This style represents freedom, opportunity, and the future that we live in now.

Iconic features of these pens appear in the cap, nib, and engraving. The cap is beautiful shiny chrome or gold polished to accent any fashion choice and loudly proclaim its presence. It is engraved with long parallel lines running down the gently tapered shape and the font on the cap is a reproduction of the style popular in that decade. Finally, the ultimate component is the Aurora hooded stainless steel nib, praised then and praised now for its ability to write smooth long lines to show off your beautiful handwriting.

True masterpieces then, and amazing memorabilia now.

Check it out, the Classico 45 Titanium Tungston Skeleton

Introducing the U-Boat Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton (Model 8060), a special edition watch limited to 299 pieces worldwide.

From first glance, U-Boat’s titanium and tungsten special edition skeleton commands your attention. This skeletonized chronograph watch exudes a dark, edgy vibe, featuring a brushed titanium case, tungsten bezel, and matte black alligator band. The industrial look and use of unusual metals and manufacturing techniques are U-Boat’s hallmark, and this watch showcases the brand’s design and manufacturing capabilities perfectly. For the U-Boat collector or someone looking to purchase a versatile timepiece that can easily be worn everyday in both a dress and casual setting, this watch merits consideration.

While U-Boat as a brand is well-known for its industrial feel, the Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton takes this as step further, embracing an almost steampunk aesthetic underscored by the “skeletonized” features. A skeleton watch allows the wearer to view the gears and jewels of the mechanical movement in action. Here, everything is visible from the front and the back, through both the black dial and the “U”-shaped window on the rear of the case. The movement itself is a 25 jewel, Swiss-made Dubois de Praz mechanical automatic powered by wrist motion, though U-Boat watches can also be hand-wound. The chronograph complications include 12 hour, 30 minute, and 60 second registers, and the watch is water resistant to 100m/330ft/10atm. (Though it’s not marketed as a dive watch, this is more than sufficient water protection for most people.) Finally, the watch features U-boat’s signature left-side crown, including the “cantine-style” cap that the wearer unscrews to access the threaded sport-style crown and set the time. The chronograph start and reset buttons, as well as the date window, are also on the left side. The date is adjusted not by winding the crown, but rather by pressing a separate button also located underneath the crown-protection cap.

But enough with the specs – how does it wear? Comfortably, and this watch is more than capable of serving as your primary “daily driver” timepiece. The titanium/tungsten case and sapphire crystal render it essentially indestructible, and while the 45mm case size makes this a large watch, it wears smaller and lighter due to these unique lightweight materials being used for the case and bezel. Make no mistake, this watch will be noticed: the Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton has a bold personality and makes its statement, yet does so without appearing overly flashy or trendy.

A key element of the look of this watch is the gorgeous black alligator strap, which has a matte finish instead of the shiny, highly polished leather popular elsewhere. Paired with a brushed metal buckle, the strap fits very well with the luxurious-yet-rough-around-the-edges look U-boat is going for here. There is no compromise on wearability; this is one of the more comfortable watch straps we’ve worn. If for whatever reason the wearer would want to swap out the strap, the lug width is 20mm, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits, including one of the many other leather straps offered by U-Boat.

Who Should Buy This Watch?

Someone interested in the patented U-Boat look, but who is looking for something more unique than one of the standard steel or bronze entries in the Classico series. The Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton reflects the bold, adventurous U-Boat design, while still maintaining a classic and versatile look that will age well and serve as a foundation piece of your watch collection for years to come. The price point is also quite attractive for a limited edition watch, especially a skeleton.

The Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton comes with a two-year Factory Limited warranty, and ships in a unique presentation box. Only 299 of these watches have been produced worldwide.

About U-Boat

U-Boat watches are designed by Italo Fontana, inspired by watches his grandfather developed for Italian Navy pilots. The original concept emphasized maximum reliability and readability in all weather conditions: traits valued by naval aviators and which continue in U-Boat’s bold and distinctive design today.

All U-Boat watches are assembled in Italy, at the company’s headquarters located in Lucca, Tuscany, and feature Swiss movements. U-Boat’s unique manufacturing techniques give the brand it’s signature industrial look, incorporating uncommon materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, tungsten, carbon, bronze, and ceramic, as well as unusual finishing techniques such as acid washing. On all U-Boat watches, the crown sits on the left side of the watch, instead of the usual right, and is protected by U-Boat’s trademarked “cantine-style” protection system.

Those interested in reading further on the brand’s history and philosophy should visit the company’s website.

The Aurora 88 Flex Experience

For our 70th Anniversary, we presented the Aurora 88 Anniversario fitted with a 14kt gold, vintage-style flexible nib. You may have seen our earlier versions of the Aurora 88 Flex pen in blue, red, yellow, and we are thrilled to show you our latest addition for June, a chocolatey brown resin! It houses our ebonite feed and we are proud to mention that while our nibs have been made in our factory in Turin, Italy since the 1900’s, this is our first flexible nib.

This model sports the familiar cigar shape of our standard Aurora 88 offering with similar size and piston filling mechanism.

Length (capped): 136mm

Length (posted): 158mm

Length (uncapped): 130mm

The visible ink window allows the writer to monitor the level of ink when uncapped.  This is a welcome feature of the pen since it is leaves little surprise to the user to the amount of ink left during a writing session.  It can also be a nice distraction to see the ink inside sloshing back and forth inside the pen!

One of the features that sets this model apart from the standard Aurora 88 is the longer tines on the nib which allows the writer to experience a bouncier and more flexible writing experience. The comfortable feel of pen to paper makes writing with this pen a joy.

While our nib is different from the more traditional flexible nibbed pens, some takeaways with this nib are it writes well, has great wetness and gives a very smooth writing experience out of the box. Our pen is made for daily usage without having to worry about it catching on the paper.  It can be used at regular speed and the writing can begin without the special instruction and slower speed needed for typical vintage flex pen or vintage flex dip pens.  Applying a slight additional pressure on the downstrokes is all one needs for some line variation.  It allows for nice, even, bouncy writing and does have enough variation to make it interesting!

It’s exciting to see a resurgence of interest in flex writing and this is one of the factors that fueled our company to create a fresh writing experience for our users. We’ve had great fun at our various Flex writing events and gatherings in NYC, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and various Pen Shows across the states. Aurora also  hosted events in Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands, to name a few.

Your friends may ask, “Why not just use a ballpoint or rollerball pen instead?” An effective way to explain is to demonstrate the variation of the line of a fountain pen vs. a rollerball.  While non-flex fountain pens can be as hard as a standard rollerball pen, some line variation can do wonders for anyone’s writing and give it more character.  Who wouldn’t want that?

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Limited to 188 pieces worldwide per color