Thoth: God of Writing

 Joining Montegrappa’s Ancient Civilizations series, the Thoth collection of writing instruments enjoys a special presence, for Thoth was the Egyptian deity, among many other roles, to whom is ascribed the invention of the alphabet and writing. There can be no more appropriate a figure to honor with a family of fine pens.

The Thoth writing instruments are imbued with the design language of ancient Egypt. Even the pen’s shape, though as slim as a pen needs be, possesses curves recalling a mummy’s sarcophagus, the decoration emphasizing the likeness.

So, too, do the patterns tell a story, the burnished laser-cut engravings combining top recreate the atmosphere of highly-adorned walls in an Egyptian throne room. Realized in Charcoal Black celluloid, with contrasting elements in either and Sterling Silver or 18k Gold trim, the Thoth pen bears the god’s ibis head on the top of the cap, segueing into a pocket clip. Hieroglyphics encircle the bottom of the cap, while motifs inspired by period Egyptian clothing may be found on the upper part.

On the bottom of the barrel is the symbol of Thoth, a stylized ibis, while the barrel is engraved with the inscriptions of one of Thoth’s emerald tablets, believed to be written in the ancient language of Atlantis. Thoth’s ibis symbol also appears on the 18K gold nib of this beautiful piston-fed fountain pen.

Issued as both fountain and rollerball, the Thoth collection is limited to 365 Fountain pens in Sterling Silver and 365 Rollerball pens in Sterling Silver to represent Thoth’s creation of the calendar, with 5 Fountain pens in Solid 18K Gold and 5 Rollerball pens in Solid 18K Gold to recall the five days he won from the Moon.


DC Fountain Pen Supershow

Have you made your plans? The 2017 DC Show location has been confirmed and rooms will be in limited number before too long. There’s something about the Washington DC show that draws a crowd and for sure this year will be no different. The new location is the Marriott Fairview Place, just a short drive from last year’s event.

Here are some important details:

The dates are August 3-6

Marriott Fairview Place Show rate is $119 with a free breakfast (703-849-9400)

For more information:

As with the many previous years, Kenro will be presented in its entirety with exciting pens from Montegrappa and Aurora. This year, we are expecting some very special guests to represent our brands, so stay tuned, as these announcements are sure to create a buzz in the community.

Show Schedule


10:00 AM: The show starts and Jake Weidmann will be engraving pens at the Montegrappa exhibit.

11:00 AM: Come join Jake & Montegrappa at the Montegrappa exhibit as they unveil the collaboration of the Peace pen. It will be displayed in all 3 versions (fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint). The Peace Pen will be available for pre-order.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Meet & greet with Jake Weidmann at the Montegrappa exhibit. Get your name hand engraved in Spencerian calligraphy. 

7:00 PM: Susan Wirth Memorial


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Trina “NinjaTraveling” O’Gorman’s Workshop.

10:30 AM: Jake Weidmann will be engraving pens at the Montegrappa exhibit.

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Meet & greet with Jake Weidmann at the Montegrappa exhibit. Get your name hand engraved in Spencerian calligraphy. 

1:00 PM: We will be raffling off a Jake Weidmann hand engraved Montegrappa Copper Mule. Stop by the Montegrappa exhibit at any time before the raffle to submit your email to be entered in the raffle. Winner does not have to be present.

Kenro For You

Did you know?

Kenro For You is your one stop shop for pen repairs, inks, and more!

Our redesigned site makes it easy for you to get your pen repaired – even if it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer!

All you have to do is tell us what’s wrong and send in the pen, we’ll handle the rest.



We carry a full line of Montegrappa and Aurora ink bottles, cartridge refills, as well as rollberball and ballpoint refills.

Looking for a specific ink color or refills for a discontinued model? We have you covered!
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Introducing The Next Evolution of The Mule: Silver

Today the new Montegrappa Fortuna Silver collection arrived. There are 3 different styles in the line up ranging from a sleek plain Stainless version and moving on to the engraved versions in Shema and Skull.We skipped right to the macro lens to capture the endless details each pen has. Adjusting the aperture as we went along to get some more real life details everyone will appreciate. Catching the light, the pens change from bright to dark revealing their individuality. The block threads contrast the rest of the pen and go virtually unnoticed when writing.The Fortuna Shema engraving is not just deep but filled in to give it depth along with the 3 set stones that set with the Star of David. The details run from the cap, through the body and even the section without forcing you to hold the engraving but simply enjoy its design.      The Fortuna Skull is just outright fun. With this steel engraved version the design is really intriguing. The skulls are intertwined into a larger skull & cross bones on the cap. The engraving is just the right depth to give it visual appeal while also delivering a smooth but textured finish.As we viewed the photo results, we’re amazed how the lighting can affect how we can see the patterns within the finish. The Steel Mule as we are calling it showed dramatic change with the lights. It was like the shadows were alive on the surface just creeping around the edges and clip.I’ll leave you guessing which pen ended up in my pocket.