A Kenro Exclusive: Montegrappa Admiral in Four New Colors

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Aquarius, Pisces, Salxco, Leo

With Kenro Industries now spanning three decades in business, we have developed great partnerships over the years with some of the most well-known pen manufacturers in the industry. In fact, it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that Montegrappa’s excellence in the field has become part of our company’s DNA – providing Italian craftsmanship and luxury to all corners of North America. 

Because of this, Ryan Sirignano, our resident Montegrappa expert, and company president, Joel Blumberg, jumped at the chance to visit the Montegrappa factory as soon as travel restrictions allowed for them to do so. In Bassano, Ryan and Joel met with Montegrappa president, Giuseppe Aquila, to see the vision of where the manufacturer is heading for 2022 and beyond.  

It was while Joel and Ryan were at the Montegrappa factory that the opportunity to create four custom pens for Kenro came up. During their time, Ryan was able to develop four hand-blended Montegrappa Admirals, which we now have in stock at Kenro. 

These pens show the marriage of partnership and the creativity that has acted as a ballast for our two brands for decades. The hand-blended colorways range from a soft pink to a fiery orange, giving individual expression and personal preference for each customer. They’re cast from the Admiral silhouette, so have a distinct handfeel, most notable for the curvature of the barrel. Each Admiral is complete with an 18-karat gold nib and the covetable ratcheted piston filler, making for a tactile experience, not unlike the winding of a manual watch. 

What we have in these four designs is what Montegrappa and Kenro do right: create pens that elevate the writing experience while not detracting from the overall luxury of each individual pen. Because of the nature of this collection, we have only 25 pens available per color, making for one hundred in total. As a Kenro exclusive, email us for more information.


Montegrapphite Aquarius, Gold Plated Brass Trim FP – M – IS41R3YV_1 – $1,495
Montegrapphite Pisces, Gold Plated Brass Trim FP – B – IS41R5YS_2 – $1,495
Montegrapphite Salxco, Gold Plated Brass Trim FP – M – IS41R2YC_8 – $1,495
Montegrapphite Leo, Gold Plated Brass Trim FP – M – IS41R3YO_2 – $1,495

*Please refer to above image for identifying pen

See the Admirals in Action

Montegrappa Ammiraglio LE: Unlike Any Other

When picking up a Montegrappa Ammiraglio (or, Admiral), one feels not just the perfect balance of the pen itself, but the culmination of a century of craftsmanship. These pens are, quite simply, beautiful.  

What first thing you’ll notice about this pen is the four stratified colorways that comes in the Admiral set. A unique blend of colors is at once vibrant while not being ostentatious. It’s this balance of subtlety and art that has become a hallmark of Montegrappa’s design aesthetic. I am personally drawn to the Samba color, while others may love the Menta, a white and turquoise blend that’s as cool as the name implies. 

For me, I’m still learning about fountain pens, and the Admiral collection is the perfect entre into the intelligence and craftsmanship that goes into these pens. For example, this is the first time I have been able to write with a #8 nib. The standard nibs that I’ve written with before are #5’s and #6’s. The #8 gives a bolder finish the writing experiencing while applying a bit more wetness to the ink. I like this handling more than Montegrappa’s more diminutive cousins, offering me a rounded writing experiencing without taking away from the weight of the pen. The larger nib, in fact, complements the body well. 

And speaking of the body, the Admiral is another thoughtful design element of this pen. Based on an earlier Sailor archive model, this design finishes with a broader cap than the barrel with the tiniest bit of curvature as it reaches the finial. It’s this attention to the finer points of the pen which really make me appreciate the Admirals when admiring the pen on my desk. 

As with most businesses that are dedicated to artisanal quality and heritage design, it’s the small details which add up to a beautiful experience. The Admiral set is no different. Experiencing the finer points of the pen lead to a better appreciation for Montegrappa – and an understanding why they are synonymous with Italian excellence. 

This four-set comes in Scream, Sambra, Menta, and Freedom. Each pen is numbered for a limited quantity.  

Contact us to get yours!   

Esterbrook Estie Aqua

Esterbrook Estie Aqua spring release

We are pleased to introduce our newest Esterbrook special edition, the Esterbrook Estie Aqua. 

As Richard Esterbrook was setting up shop in the 1850’s in Camden, New Jersey, perhaps the greatest book about the sea ever written was in its first printing: Moby Dick. And while there is nothing in the records to show that Herman Melville had an Esterbrook pen when he was writing his tale, thousands of books about the ocean have been written before and since, so surely some of them must have been penned with an Esterbrook. The Aqua Estie is a new daily writer to celebrate iconic writers, like Melville, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and even William Shakespeare, all of whom put pen to paper to dispel the mysteries of the oceans. 

The spirit of the sea has been described by these and so many other writers, in song, soliloquy, fiction, memoirs, odes and asides for as long as there have been these words: vast, tranquil, placid, peaceful, ethereal, and dazzling for a start. These boundless and infinite expanses conjure up as many feelings and images as there are words for them: crystal clear waters in every shade of blue surrounding majestic islands, the smell and taste of a salty, briny ocean, the sparkling caps of undulating waves, lazy days spent seeking shimmering shells and building monumental sandcastles and the waning light of the sun as it sets over the water in a symphony of color.  

The Estie Aqua embodies all these words and experiences in a writing instrument. Its acrylic captures the mother of pearl luminosity of shells and the technicolor hue of deep, aqua waters. It is available as a Standard or Oversized gold-trimmed fountain pen with standard Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or 1.1 Stub nibs and available with the “Journaler” for $50 additionally or “Scribe” nib for $60 additionally. The Estie Aqua is also available as a rollerball or ballpoint pen. 

The Estie Aqua pens are available in limited quantities, which will disappear as swiftly as the tide. 

“There’s magic in the water that draws all [people] away from the lands, that leads them over hills, down creeks and streams and rivers to the sea. -Herman Melville 

Available in EF, F, M, B, 1.1 Stub, Journaler & Scribe

Aqua Fountain Pen model: EAQ716 – $195

Aqua Oversized Fountain Pen model: EAQ706 – $250

Aqua Rollerball Pen model: EAQ717 – $185

Aqua Ballpoint Pen model: EAQ719

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Esterbook Estie Ballpoint Debut

Esterbook Estie Ballpoint Debut

The Esterbrook Estie was our first offering when we resurrected the Esterbrook Pen Company, and it was a true labor of love for us. We spent many months developing it with exacting detail and beautiful materials. The result exceeded our expectations, and it seems that you too, have fallen in love with it. Two years later, it’s our pleasure to see the Estie in every corner of the world being used as a daily writer and as a part of your pen collections.

Because of the enthusiasm for the Estie we have many iterations of this now beloved fountain pen in the works. Limited Editions will continue to make their way to the marketplace in 2021. While you’ll have to wait to see what we have up our sleeves on that front, we are very excited to launch the newest model of the Esterbrook Estie, the Estie Ballpoint.

The world’s most popular writing instrument, the ballpoint pen, is getting the Estie Esterbrook treatment. All of the same attention to detail and special materials have been used in the creation of the Estie Ballpoint. Available in either gold or rhodium trim, the Estie Ballpoint will first be made available in fan favorites: Honeycomb, Tortoise, Black and Cobalt and we look forward to introducing the Estie Ballpoint in Limited Edition finishes in the future.

The ballpoint pen is a true classic and it’s our hope that your passion for the Estie will make the Estie Ballpoint one, too.

See the full lineup HERE

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ystudio My Resolute Ballpoint Pen Set

ystudio My Resolute Ballpoint Pen Set

Despite that it is a really struggling year for retail market, we’re trying to create a better sells at the end of this year. We are happy to introduce you our New Gift Set, ”My Resolute”, which will be specially launched in this winter and limited to just 600 sets world wide.

Before dawn of Christmas let us take a moment ponder what has happened in the past year.

Rethink upon the arrival of 2021 and compose the significance essence of our lives. Reflect, Readjust, Resolve, salute to a new beginning.

This set includes a special forest green edition ballpoint pen(slim), a notepad stand made of walnut wood and three kinds of notes that help you achieve these objectives.

Model: Giftset-01 – Retail: $125.00

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Strokes for all folks

Esterbrook has always been a true writing company and at one time we offered over 50 different point sizes. Since most formal communication was developed through writing, Esterbrook developed points for every style of writing. For example, their extra fine flex could be considered for shorthand or even dictation, while Italic nibs were ideal for calligraphy or inking greeting cards. Their tagline in the 70s was,”the right pen for the way you write” and although we don’t have fifty different nib sizes, Esterbrook offers a wonderful assortment of nib sizes for all forms of writing. Consider our extra fine for bullet journaling or how about a broad to sign that important check? There’s a point for you!


The Esterbrook Estie with size six Jowo nib can be chosen in five different sizes, including the new Stub 1.1. In addition to the extra fine, fine, medium and broad, the stub a unique line that mimics calligraphy. The stub nib produces a narrow line on the cross stroke and a broad line on the down stroke. You can easily deliver these lines without having to apply pressure like a flex nib and the touch to paper is silky smooth.


As fountain pens continue to grow in user popularity, its important to have a variety of points to consider and with Esterbrook, you can have the “the right pen for the way you write.”


Note that the stub 1.1 is available on all silver trim Esties, including the new Estie Blueberry fountain pen.

Montegrappa Mini Mule



It’s copper, compact and impossibly cute – perfectly suited for any pocket, pencil case, purse or tool roll and available to order in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint modes.

The Mini Mule has been engineered to use smaller 5mm steel nibs (F, M, B), taking a standard convertor or cartridges and refills as conventional Fortuna models.

The new Mini Mule shares the same anti-microbial properties as its older sibling, as well as the patina and imperfections unique to copper. Like a Moleskine or a Traveler’s Company notebook, its changing appearance records the places it has been. Owners will thrill as they observe it ageing gracefully with use. A true workhorse!

The Mule program, and the creation of the Montegrappa Mule by Bassano’s own Danieli Bar have provided one of the most warmly received Montegrappa stories of recent years, attracting interest from lifestyle and cuisine editors. The Mini Mule arrives in a standard IKSDASIC case that includes the recipe for the famous cocktail.

As well as bringing a fresh, rootsy finish to the Fortuna silhouette, Mule’s honest rustic charm and gastronomic credentials have resonated with younger, hipster-inclined shoppers. With the arrival of the Mini Mule, we can turn up the charm and offer more to intrepid urban travellers, women and fans of every day carry (EDC).

Digital Brochure HERE

Fountain Pen

Mini Copper Mule Fountain Pen – Model ISFSH_CU – $350

Available in F, M or B nib sizes


Mini Copper Mule Rollerball Pen – Model ISFSHRCU – $295


Mini Copper Mule Ballpoint Pen – Model ISFSHBCU – $250


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automatic mechanical, personalized to U-BOAT specifications for stem to be positioned at 9 o’clock.
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour, 4 Hz. Power reserve: 38 hours. 25 jewels.
date, hours, minutes, seconds, 24h indicator, graduated unidirectional bezel, screw down crown.
stainless steel AISI 316L, with subsequent treatment DLC black, distinguishing crown on left side, with a patented protective device.
Serial number engraved on a small plate fixed on the side of the case. Bezel lockable with a lever on the right side of the case.
Diameter 46 mm.
sealed with 7 external screws.
three superimposed dials, the upper one in black with luminous beige hands and markers, steel frames around the numbers.
sapphire crystal, anti reflective coating, lent on the date window.
300 mt, 30 ATM.
Stainless steel tongue buckle. Width : 22/22 mm.
9015 – Retail $2700

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Winter is Coming LE

The Northern Hemisphere winter is ending, but for millions of fans eagerly awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones (screening on HBO from 14 April), you now have a product certain to knock them cold.

Winter is Here is a new, Cult Series limited-edition FP/RB made under license to HBO, available to ship from April 2019. As well as being our latest design under the Game of Thrones imprint, it is unquestionably the most spectacular. And the most timely.

The HBO series and George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series represent the pinnacle of current pop culture. The anticipation and secrecy around the final series make it one of the most feverishly anticipated releases of the century. Compared to many other cult shows, a very high representation of mature, affluent consumers make up its most avid aficionados.

Winter is Here is available as piston-fill FP and RB in sterling silver (300 pieces each) and 18k gold (7 pieces each). All variants use a precious metal superstructure to clad a body of shiny lines celluloid. Highlight materials include ice-blue Apatite gems and 3D handcrafted enamel. The FP variant uses an 18k gold nib engraved with the sigil (emblem) of the Night King. All variants are delivered in a deluxe, black-lacquer wooden case with custom booklet.

The Night King, White Walker and ice-breathing dragon Viserion lead a mysterious, banished army understood to be the greatest threat to life – and climate – in the kingdoms of Westeros. They are widely expected to play a pivotal role in the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones.

Digital Brochure HERE


Fountain Pen

Winter is Here Fountain Pen – Model: ISGOT_SW – $5,500
Limited to 300 pieces


Winter is Coming Rollerball Pen – ISGOTRSW – $4,995
Limited to 300 pieces

Gold Edition


Winter is Coming Gold Fountain Pen – ISGOT_GW – $

Limited to 7 pieces

Winter is Coming Gold Rollerball Pen – ISGOTRGW – $

Limited to 7 pieces



For its 100-years Anniversary Aurora Pens launches  “Cento Italia”

Aurora introduces the line “Cento Italia”: 10 “Iconic pens” from the history of Aurora, symbolizing the 10 decades, every one revised and realized in 100 numbered pieces only for the whole world (100 for Italy and 100 for the foreign countries).

Aurora will launch monthly the pens of the line “Cento Italia”, beginning from February, every 19th of the month, to recall the foundation year of the Manufacture in the 1919.

Every pen will be packed in an elegant box in black leatherette with black interior dressed by a special commemorative red sleeve with the new logo Aurora Cento!realized in cooperation with Italdesign – Giugiaro.

All the pens will be FOUNTAIN Pens.

The first pen introduced will be Aurora Edo in black resin, chrome plated trims and 14 kt solid gold nib, rhodium-treated, embellished by an exclusive shiny red bottom.

Available in EF, F, M, B or Italic 14k nib. This pen is cartridge or converter fill.

See the brochure HERE


EDO Cento Fountain Pen – Model: 011-10OE – $495

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