Finally Montegrappa produced a pen with a flexible nib, the Nazionale.
“Nazionale” is a model name that was a part of the Elmo catalogue, from the late 1930s. It oozes with Art Deco attitude, its colours evoking the era with exquisite tints and shadings. Now highly collectible, the Nazionale has inspired Montegrappa to revive it with a key feature not available eight decades ago.
Nazionale returns, visually remaining entirely faithful to the original style, with this limited edition being produced in Marble Green celluloid, precisely as it was in the 1930s. The pen’s design is enriched with black resin details on its junctions and blind cap, the material being the superior modern substitute for ebonite, made without sacrificing the correct “look.” Trim is necessarily in Sterling Silver. Its mid-section metal ring is further engraved with the brand logo, while the pocket clip ends up with a decorative teardrop element, augmenting the vintage feel.
What has changed is the nib, the most crucial functioning part of any pen, to ensure that its “write-ability” matches the expectations of the modern user. The new Nazionale, to be known as the Nazionale Flex, is so-named because it is fitted with a flexible nib that allows different types of hand-writing and calligraphic experiences to be performed with the same writing instrument by simply applying more pressure to the nib.
For enhanced flexibility, the nib is made of 14k gold, and will be made available only in the grades of Extra Fine and Fine, as it accomplishes the rest on its own, according to how it is applied. The nib’s cut-out shoulders offer comfortable curving, for an enhanced writing experience. Also in keeping with the era during which the Nazionale was born, which predates cartridges, this fountain pen’s filling system is piston-only.
Due to severely limited remaining quantities of the material that forms the Nazionale’s cap and body, Montegrappa will issue only 100 Extra Fine and 100 Fine Nazionale fountain pens. Its collectability is therefore assured.


Following his passion for diving, Italo Fontana designed many watches ready to withstand the rigorous demands of professional diving and offering a bold, clear, technical design reminiscent of high-tech instruments.

Italo Fontana expands the Classico lineup with Sommerso, a watch boasting this characteristic feature of the professional diving watch.Sommerso features 45mm satin and hand finish stainless steel case and a rotating bezel with calibrated indexes every five minutes. The dial consists of three superimposed dials with the top one in black with beige hands and markers treated with luminova and an additional counter for the 24 hours of the day. Sommerso has a water resistance to 300 meters and a black strap in rubber with a lining in water repellent calf thanks to the Kodiak treatment.

The timepiece features the distinguishing crown on left side, with a patented protective device and a small plate fixed on the side of the case with the serial number engraved on it.