Flex 88 Pen Review

The Aurora 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Flex 88 met most of these criteria. This Flex 88 is a beautiful pen. The polished resin body with rounded ends is a classic design that appeals to me. While the brown color that I first tried would not have been my first pick, as I tend to prefer other colors, I did find the green version to be beautiful. Like my every day Aurora Optima, the 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Flex 88 filled from the bottle with a piston mechanism. The brown pen, which I used most, was fine tuned by Dan Smith of The Nibsmith, so the ink flow was perfect. There was no railroading, and it was neither too wet nor too dry for me. The ink flowed nicely, allowing me to easily create the thin and thick line variations that the Flex 88 pens are known for. All of these qualities make this a beautiful pen that writes beautifully. [Click here to continue reading]

The Pleasure of Writing, Italian style: The History of Aurora Fountain Pens

Italian children of the mid-80s knew how to recognize a good fountain pen when they got their mitts on one. In my class we all had a favorite, the sturdy, trustworthy “Auretta,” Aurora’s  colorful, cheap-and-cheerful proposal for students: slightly more expensive than those cartoon characters one we collected, Aurettas were on a total different planet when it came to quality. I loved mine: it was red and black, with a small quill that didn’t mind one bit I was left handed. [click here to continue reading]

The Power of the Pen

Fountain pens are not only desired as collectibles amongst pen enthusiasts. A fountain pen (or any pen, for that matter) can be a tool of great change and inner growth, which has been
demonstrated for centuries by those who have kept diaries and journals. Downstairs, beneath the excited hum of vendors, merchants, and enthusiasts attending the 2017 DC PenSshow, an enthusiastic group gathered in an intimate setting to attend a journaling workshop, “The Power of the Pen” hosted by Kenro Industries and Aurora Pens, along with diarist, Trina O’Gorman, known as “ninjatraveling” on Instagram on Sunday, August 6th at 10 AM.

Trina O’Gorman facilitated the workshop, which introduced an enthusiastic group of pen lovers to a personal writing technique that she calls the “mind mosaic.” After a lively discussion, participants opened the grid-ruled notebooks provided by Aurora, and started writing; all with beautiful fountains. For about an hour, everyone was engaged in the process of writing, some taking pleasure in new pens and new inks, while others used faithful writing companions.

Participants happily stayed past the scheduled ending time of the workshop to continue the exercise and discussed that followed. There is something moving and magical, when one, not only feels the weight and flow of a fine writing instrument, but also the weight and flow of his or her own ideas and words. It is then when we truly experience their magnitude, magnificence and power.

Fountain Pen Review: Aurora Duo Cart

The Aurora Duo Cart fountain pen is a re-creation of the original Duo Cart of 60 years ago.  If the photo on the box is any indication, only minor alterations have been made to the original design. Originally, the name came from the pen’s ability to carry two cartridges, the one it was using and a spare. Hence the “duo cart.” The modern version comes with a converter which occupies the majority of the barrel and modern cartridges appear to be a bit longer making it difficult to fit two in the barrel, though the bane lives on. [click here to continue reading]

Montegrappa Heartwood Review

I’m a fan of the Montegrappa Fortuna in general – it’s an excellent example of classic pen design modernized to take advantage of the diverse materials available to pen makers today. That said, if I had to recommend one version of the Fortuna over all others, it would be the Heartwood. I absolutely love the look and feel of this pen. [click here to continue reading]