Montegrappa Corporate Gifts

Its time to spread some love, appreciation, and, of course ink! Give a Montegrappa pen with your client’s name, your logo or even create a one of a kind special edition that’s designed with your brand colors and identity. A fine pen can make a lasting impression that your clients or employees will treasure for years to come. Choose from many colors, materials and price points, including the new Armonia collection, starting at $125 MSRP. In addition to a great price-point, the packaging is upscale and makes a wonderful first impression!

To learn more about our corporate possibilities, please speak with our Kenro team and learn how we can help you with your company’s custom pens. We will make the process smooth and provide you with first class customer service. Please call 516-741-0011 or email

Crimson Skulls

Several years ago, the Montegrappa Skull pen hit the shelves like a storm, becoming one of the best selling regular edition pens from the fine Italian manufacturer. The pen spawned a full line of accessories that rapidly disappeared as fast as the pen. Now, Montegrappa follows up with one of two new bold styles for this line; Red Skull.

Skull is classic, and with this new addition, the line grows more robust. Collectors and enthusiasts both love this pen because it is designed to be a daily writer, but decorated to complete any collection as well.

You may also be interested in the Merry Skull, also known as the Silver Skull. Click here to learn more!

Genio Creative: Antonio Canova

To honour the world’s greatest artists, writers and thinkers, Montegrappa created the Genio Creativo series of pens. Each represents the achievements of an intellectual or artistic giant in a writing instrument that embodies the spirit of a specific work, as interpreted by Montegrappa’s artisans. Joining writer and philosopher Kahlil Gibran and the artist Vecellio Tiziano, known as Titian, is the sculptor ANTONIO CANOVA.

ANTONIO CANOVA (1 November 1757 – 13 October 1822) was an Italian sculptor famous for his work in marble. Often regarded as the greatest of the neoclassical artists, his work was inspired by the Baroque and the classical revival, but made more contemporary by dispensing with the melodrama of the former and adding a human element to the latter.

A limited edition of 260 fountain pens and 260 rollerball pens, the exact number of years since Canova’s birth will be offered with polished bronze trim, black resin and a pen barrel made in a special marble composite, depicting in miniature his famous sculpture The Graces, or “Le Grazie”. A further 12 fountain and 12 rollerball pens will be produced with solid 18k gold trim, representing the number of collaborators who worked with Canova.

Recalling the visual presence of Canova’s sculptures, the marble element is naturally grey. According to legend, Canova would pass over the freshly-chiselled, once-white stone with a cloth soaked with water, the same one used to wash the sculpting tools. The stone would absorb the dirt and acquire a more natural look.

Further details paying homage to Canova are the signature clip in the form of a pleated drape with which the artist used to clad his models, while the bronze or gold trim enriched with decorative motifs often crowning antique amphorae. The Genio Creativo Canova Fountain pen is piston-fed, and the nib is in 18k gold, engraved with the same symbol as the cap top, signifying the heraldic coat of arms of the family.

The Montegrappa Genio Creativo ANTONIO CANOVA limited edition has been developed in collaboration with Fondazione Canova ONLUS.

Green Minerali

This week we introduce the second color to the vibrant Aurora Minerali collection. This is the second of five colors in the series, as the blue was first delivered in September. There’s a total of five colors in the collection and each will be limited to 388 fountain pens.

The Minerali is a Demonstrator concept, which is not foreign to Aurora’s production history. You may be familiar with past collections like the Optima Demo, 88 Demo and the most popular Demo Black! The Minerali is the most limited, as past editions were produced in larger quantities and are still available upon special request.

Aurora Demonstrator pens are a bit more labor intensive than your typical black or multi color pens. You see the clear and transparent components must be hand polished on both the inside and out. This process require a lot of time and close attention to detail. You should also note that Aurora did not cut any corners when determining which components would be clear. Not only have they produced the barrel and cap in clear acrylic, but the grip section and nib block that holds the ebonite feed and 18kt nib are also made from clear materials.

Additionally, you will find other details that add to the overall appeal of this attractive fountain pen, like the small ink window, the slim colored ring toward the bottom of the barrel and the engraved numerals at the crown that identifies the owner’s edition number.

While there is certainly something engaging about one’s ability to see the ink move through the inside of this strinking 88, there is also a high level of quality that should not go unnoticed. Each 88 Minerali is made with the same integrity that the fountain pen community has regarding for close to 100 years. Some important components include a piston filling system, a proprietary 18kt gold nib (available in EF, F, M, Broad and other specialty sizes), an ebonite feed and a firm posting of the cap for true balance when writing.

All in all it’s a clear decision!

Allard’s Fine Pen Fair


Join the Kenro team on Saturday, November 4th, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Allard’s Annual Fine Pen Fair!

Dupont Live

U-Boat Watch and Orlando Watch will team up for Dupont Live, the fundraising event of the year! Stop by our stand to see the latest from U-Boat and participate in the many raffles and prize opportunities.

A masterful celebration of motoring technology, craftsmanship and luxury Orlando Sanford International Airport

South East RAMP

2151 – 2161 Spinner Lane • Sanford‚ FL 32773
Saturday: 7 PM – 11 PM
For more information and tickets:

Montegrappa & Jake Weidmann Make Peace

A collaboration between Italian penmaker Montegrappa and Jake Weidmann, a highly accomplished American Master Penman and artist, was a natural. Both are passionate about handwriting, exceptional craftsmanship, aesthetics, and community engagement. When Montegrappa tapped Weidmann to create the calligraphic artwork for a pen dedicated to peace, he enthusiastically embraced the challenge.

The Pen of Peace was launched in August at the Washington D.C. Fountain Pen Supershow, where Weidmann was a special guest of Montegrappa’s U.S. distributor, Kenro Industries. Weidmann gave samples of his calligraphy art to show attendees and hand-engraved Montegrappa pens using engraving tools powered by a foot pedal. Bryant Greer of Chatterley Luxuries won a drawing for a copper Fortuna Mule pen that Weidmann engraved with elaborate scrolls and flourishes.

A resident of Denver, Colorado, Weidmann will also be a guest of Kenro Industries at the Colorado Pen Show, October 6-8, at the Doubletree by Hilton Denver-Stampleton North.

The concept for the Pen of Peace evolved during a meeting hosted by Montegrappa for company representatives from Israel, Lebanon, Iran, India, and United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Reflecting on the current world turbulence, the group liked the idea of creating a pen dedicated to peace, recalling the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” The group agreed on the internationally recognized peace symbol was designed by British designer Gerald Holtom in 1958 by Vietnam War protesters and counter-culture activists.

Weidmann, the youngest and one of only 12 Master Penman in the world, was commissioned to write the word “peace” in 15 different languages. “My goal was to create a beautiful mosaic of different languages that was both stylistically worthy and accurate,” Weidmann told PW during an interview at the D.C. show.

Weidmann continues, “This project involved learning other languages and cultures and was a stretch from my usual hunting ground,” said Weidmann, who creates calligraphy art in a variety of media, from paper and ink to wood and leather.

“I wanted to show not only the correct letter forms for the various languages but also the penmanship techniques and traditions of each culture,” he explained. He used a hollowed-out reed to write in Semitic languages, a brush for Asian languages, and a dip pen for Western writing.

According to Weidmann, the magical part of the project came from communicating with people from all over the world through social media. “I invited people to follow my progress by posting my interpretation of the word ‘peace’ in the different languages. I received excellent feedback from more than 122,000 followers on Instagram. Sometimes people from different cultures would make suggestions regarding the letter forms for their language, and we would get involved in a conversation. Because the subject was peace, everyone was kind and friendly.”

Weidmann’s calligraphy executed in subtle blue-gray ink, was transferred to the Pen of Peace’s dark blue acrylic cap and barrel, which has a graceful curved profile. The peace symbol is engraved in silver on the cap top and filled with light blue enamel. Encircling the cap top is a silver band laser-cut with a stylized pattern of children holding hands in a circle for peace. The peace symbol is repeated at the tip of the elegant fluted silver signature clip. The Pen of Peace features a unique mechanism fitted with micro ball bearings that allow the barrel to rotate so the user can position his or her language of choice at the front of the pen, aligning it with the clip.

In honor of the year in which the peace symbol was created, the Pen of Peace is limited to 1,958 pieces each in ballpoint, rollerball, and cartridge-converter fountain pen with an 18 karat gold nib embellished with an image of the Dove of Peace.

Peace movements depend on words spoken and written. Mandela, King, Lincoln, Gandhi all depended on the notion that the pen, when wielded correctly, is mightier than the sword. Montegrappa and Weidmann’s Pen of Peace embodies that profound notion in every graceful swirl of script and every sleek line of stylus.

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